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Publishing sheet music on the web

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It is recommended that you publish your scores as Adobe PDF files, as these are portable across all types of computers, will print on all printers with the highest possible quality, and can be viewed by all web browsers, as long as the Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on the viewing computer. The Acrobat reader is free, and is available for download from Adobe at

To create PDF files using QuickScore, you need PDF creation software. You can use the free PDFCreator, which can be downloaded from our website Useful Free Stuff page, or Adobe Acrobat, available from Adobe, which is not free. Once either software has been installed, a printer driver is installed on your system (either PDFCreator or Adobe PDF) and is available when printing from QuickScore.

Once your score is complete, print it using either the Adobe PDF or PDFCreator driver. Make sure that you include the fonts you use with your PDF files. This is important, because otherwise music will appear as text if the viewing computer does not have the Mozart font installed. If you are using the PDFCreator driver, you should not have to do anything special. However, to make sure your fonts are being downloaded, click on Preferences, then the Advanced button, exand the Postcript Options and make sure that the TrueType Font Download Option is set to Automatic. If you are using the Adobe PDF driver, you must click on Preferences, then the Adobe PDF settings tab and uncheck Do not send fonts to "Adobe PDF".

Once you have created your PDF files, they can be incorporated into your website using appropriate website creation software.