Registration and Change of Address

If you have not yet registered your copy of QuickScore or Copyist, you may do so below. Registering your software ensures that you qualify for technical support and that you receive the latest news and software upgrade information.

If you are a registered user and you've changed your address, please let us know. Fill in the form below to ensure that we don't lose touch with you so that you continue to receive the latest news and software upgrade information.

Contact information:

Street address
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Zip/Postal code

Product information:

Product name
Registration number

Please fill in all fields correctly. Unverifiable data cannot be processed.

Look for the registration number on disk 1 of your original installation disks, if you have them. If your product disk doesn't have a registration number, instead enter the first word on page 20 of the manual for your product. If you are registering multiple products, only include the serial number for the first product.

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