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ReWire is a software protocol that allows programs to send audio and MIDI from one to another. QuickScore Elite can be used as a ReWire master. This means it can send MIDI to and receive audio from one or more ReWire slaves.

To use ReWire in QuickScore, First, ReWire must be activated. Click the ReWire button in the Audio Mixer, or choose ReWire from the Options menu.

Make sure ReWire Active is checked. From the Device list box, choose the ReWire slave device you want to work with. From the Outputs list box, choose the number of outputs you want to be sent from the ReWire slave device to QuickScore Elite's Audio Mixer. Sometimes limiting this number can ensure that audio processing is not overloaded. Click on Open Panel to open the ReWire device. (Not all slave devices will respond to this command.If the ReWive slave device does not respond, it must be started from Windows itself.) In this example, we will use Propellerhead's Reason as the slave device. Reason will start. A green ReWire strip will appear in the Audio Mixer named Reason at the top. Now when Reason plays audio, its audio output will go through this strip to QuickScore's audio output. The audio can be processed like any other audio input to the Audio Mixer.

In the ReWire dialog, you can choose one or more instruments as instruments for QuickScore to use. To do so, from the list of available instruments, choose one by double-clicking on it or by clicking on it and then clicking on the left arrow button. The instrument entry will appear in the active list.

Select the output and channel or channels on which you want your ReWire instrument to play. Now any notes and other MIDI events with the channel or channels you've chosen that are on the track or tracks whose output in the Track Sheet is the same is the one you've chosen will play with the ReWire instrument.
You must close all ReWire slave devices before closing the ReWire master (QuickScore), or before shutting down ReWire. (To shut down ReWire, uncheck ReWire Active in the ReWire dialog). If you try to shut down ReWire, or close QuickScore, before closing all slave devices, you will be reminded that the ReWire slave or slaves are still running, and QuickScore will not close.