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Electronic Musician 1995 Editors' Choice for music notation software 

Electronic Musician 1995 Editors' Choice for music notation software

" of the best MIDI software values on the market. MIDI novices and serious musicians on a budget will be equally attracted to QuickScore's impressive array of features and affordability." - Electronic Musician

"QuickScore blows the notion that music notation software has to be expensive and complicated right out of the water.'ll get more than your money's worth with QuickScore." - Piano & Keyboard

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Mix Your Inputs

Record whole tracks or fragments of tracks in real time, step time or while tapping your own beat. Mix volume, pan and other controllers in real time. Throw in .WAV digital audio files.

Slice and Dice

Look at your music from all angles. You've got score, piano roll, controller, event list and song views. Edit using the most comprehensive set of tools going including intelligent filters that understand the data you are looking at.

Get Help When You Need It

Whenever you should need it, the most extensive help in the industry is never more than a mouse click away.

Look Good on Paper

Create notation that doesn't start and end with notes and lyrics. You've got text, lyrics, grace notes, drum notation, guitar chords, engraver spacing, multiple voices, hundreds of musical symbols, flexible note and staff spacing, adjustable braces and brackets, and much, much more.

Print scores that look the best in the business, no matter what printer you're using.

Eliminate Your Mistakes

QuickScore Elite has features that go beyond what other sequencers offer. Like cross-staff beaming with adjustable split point, 6-string guitar tablature notation and multiple undo.

Stay Connected

Share MIDI files with all your favorite music programs. 

Produce Results

Play using any Windows-compatible sound card or MIDI interface. 

Keep Busy

Start faster right off the top with one of QuickScore Elite's score templates. QuickScore Elite's fast and easy note entry and integrated, intuitive environment will keep you writing music, not discovering the limitations of technology. After all, you're a composer, not a computer technician.

Available Near You

QuickScore Elite 2012 is $99.95. Order your copy online.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP, 512 MB of RAM, 200 MB hard disk space. A Windows-compatible sound card or MIDI interface is optional.

Feature list overview

Editing: Up to 24 tracks • Editing windows include Score, Piano Roll, Controller, Audio, Event List, Song, Track Sheet, MIDI Mixer, Audio Mixer and Comments • Comprehensive set of standard editing commands in all editors including Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo • Complete control over all MIDI events • Rich set of notation editing commands including transpose chromatically or in the key, adjust enharmonic note spellings, assign notes to different voices or staves and many more • Global graphic arranging options to cut and paste sections of songs • Intelligent edit filters • Loop editing.

Recording and Synchronization: Real-time and step-time recording or record while tapping tempo from MIDI keyboard • Multi-track digital audio recording at up to 192 Khz sampling rate and 24-bit resolution • MIDI from audio files • Real-time 16 channel MIDI mixer controls which respond to all MIDI controllers, including volume and velocity • Punch In/Out • Optional automatic quantization of real-time recording • Input and controller filters for real-time recording.

Playback: Playback through MIDI, VSTi instruments and all popular sound cards • High-quality music font included • Scrolling playback with synchronized window display • Repeats, first and second endings, dynamics, pedal markings, articulations, tempo markings, quarter and microtones, chord names and tablature chords play • Interactively edit in full-score, single-track, piano-roll, song-overview, event-list or graphic controller formats as the music plays • Play standard WAVE digital audio files • Track Sheet to mute or solo tracks and change sounds.

Music Notation: Up to 24 staves • Independently adjust the characteristics of song title, track name, headers, footers, copyright information, 7 sets of lyrics, 8 sets of text, bar and page numbers • Consolidated rests • Engraver Spacing • Full size or reduced size staves • User adjustable staff spacing, brace style, engraver spacing, adjustable staff indents, and templates for often used configurations • Selection of number of bars per line, time signatures and key signatures on a bar by bar basis • Change clefs at any position • Cross-stave beaming and free note grouping • Quarter tones and microtones • Adjust position of notes and bar lines, without altering MIDI data • 6, 5 and 4-string tablature notation for guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, bouzouki, pipa, etc. • Import graphics • Full-page preview mode with zoom • High quality WYSIWYG TrueType music font included • High-quality printout on all Windows supported printers.

Musical Symbols: Complete set of musical symbols including groupings, fingerings, articulations, slurs, repeats, crescendos, decrescendos, dynamics, line, circle and box drawing • All standard clefs including 5-line and single-line percussion clefs • Grace notes and cue notes with automatic beaming • Configurable chord names, guitar chord grids and figured bass • Drum note heads • Complete guitar and harp symbol set • Complete handbell and percussion symbol set • Notes in parentheses, brackets and carets • Custom symbols.

Importing and Exporting: Import and export standard MIDI files • Import and export MusicXML files • Import Wave files • Import BMP files •Export MP3 and Wave files • Export Copyist files • Export BMP, EMF and EPS files.

Plugin architecture: Support for VST plugins including audio effects, software synthesizers and MIDI effects • Support for ReWire and Rewire instruments.  

Audio mixing: Mix up to 96 audio input and output channels • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate • Uses 32-bit floating point buffers • Audio automation • Adjustable audio paths for each audio input pair, VSTi instrument, audio track, Rewire input pair and master • Adjust gain and pan on each audio path • Up to 4 insert effects and 4 send effects available on each audio path • All audio paths may be up to 8 channels wide and accept plugins with up to 8 inputs and outputs • Assign any input channel to any output channel • Export audio at selectable sampling rates and bit depths.

Multimedia: Record and play back multiple tracks of digital audio • Create audio CDs, MP3, Wave files and music soundtracks and incorporate them into digital films, videos and games. • Use DirectX or ASIO audio drivers.  

If you own a music composition or music notation software product from any other manufacturer, you qualify for our competitive upgrade offer. Simply send a page from the manual identifying the product you currently own and we will authorize you to purchase QuickScore Elite 2012 for just $49.95 or QuickScore Elite Level II for just $99.95.

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QuickScore Elite Level II 2019 is now available! Check out the features in QuickScore Elite 2012's bigger brother!

QuickScore Elite 2012 is $99.95. Add PhotoScore Lite 8 when you purchase QuickScore Elite 2012 for only $20.

If you own a music composition or music notation software product from any other manufacturer, you qualify for our competitive upgrade offer. Simply send a page from the manual identifying the product you currently own and we will authorize you to purchase QuickScore Elite 2012 for just $49.95 or QuickScore Elite Level II for just $99.95.

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