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Recording Audio Tutorial

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When recording audio, it is recommended that use a high-quality audio card or interface.
Make sure a driver for the audio hardware is selected in the Audio Setup dialog under the Options menu and that all your audio recording equipment is functioning properly. It is recommended that you use as ASIO driver for your hardware, if one is available. You can monitor your audio input or inputs using the Input strip or strips in the Audio Mixer. If your audio hardware offers direct monitoring, you may choose to mute the input strips in the Audio Mixer and monitor directly from the hardware.

Select the Audio Editor and make sure the cursor is set to the time you wish to start recording. Each track has a gray or red record button below the name and number. Enable the track or tracks on which you wish to record by clicking this button so that it turns red (red is enabled, gray is disabled).

Now the channel or channels to be recorded are shown in blue in the channel box to the right of the button. Click on the channel box to bring up a drop-down menu to select a single channel or pair of channels for recording.

Press the Record Audio button at the far right in the main control area, and the tracks enabled for recording will start recording. When you are finished recording, press the Stop button in the Tape Transport to stop recording. You will be asked to select a name for your recorded file or files. When you have chosen a file name, a file with your recorded audio will be inserted at the cursor position on each track enabled for recording. If more than one track is being recorded at once, the track number is appended at the end of the file name.

When you have finished, your recorded audio file or files will appear in each track in yellow on a gray background. The name of the audio file containing the audio data is written in blue. The beginning of the gray block shows the audio data's start time and the length of the block shows the duration of the audio data.