Useful Free Stuff


Sfz is a soundfont player. To use the VST plugin version with QuickScore, copy Sfz.dll to QuickScore's VST Plugins directory. You can also run Sfz.exe, the standalone version. To use the standalone version with QuickScore, use MIDI Yoke to send the MIDI output from QuickScore to Sfz.

FluidR3 GM soundfont

FluidR3 is a high-quality General MIDI soundfont. Load it into Sfz or another soundfont player to use it with QuickScore.

MidiOX diagnostic tool

MIDI-OX is a multi-purpose MIDI diagnostic tool. Use it to troubleshoot your MIDI setup and analyze your input and output MIDI data streams. 

Midi Yoke loopback MIDI driver (Windows 9x)

Midi Yoke loopback MIDI driver (Windows NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)

MIDI Yoke is used to connect the outputs of any Windows MIDI application to the inputs of any other application. Use it to synchronize QuickScore with any other MIDI application on your system, or pass MIDI data back and forth between QuickScore and any other MIDI application. 


PDFCreator easily creates PDF files from any Windows program. It will also save files of several other formats including JPEG, EPS and PCX. Use it like a printer from QuickScore or Copyist.

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