I honestly think it's the best notation package going, it's got Logic (AKA Notator) and Sibelius beaten for ease of use. And I've yet to find anything Cubase can do that it can't do in a much more straightforward fashion.

Christopher Burke


I came up to speed on Quickscore with a minimum of effort... very good job!!!!

 Tom Kopke


i love the software!!!!!!

Jim Berton


Subject: Quickscore Elite Level II - Incredible!!!

What little I've seen of the program so far is absolutely amazing.  It really does play first and second endings, and repeats.  I couldn't believe it.  I had read that it would do that, but it went right over my head and it didn't really register in my mind.  Then I was playing back a Scott Joplin score I had input some time ago, an arrangement I did of "Searchlight Rag" for flute and piano, and I got kind of puzzled...I didn't remember cutting and pasting in all those repeats, as it was done as a printed score, not a playing score.  That's when the light bulb went on in my head.  Wow!  You do it every time.  I've been with you since "Copyist Apprentice", and every upgrade has something that knocks my socks off.  I suppose someday there'll be a Quickscore V.12 that gets musicians to show up on time for rehearsals.

 I've only managed a couple of brief sessions with my long-awaited Copyist for Windows, but it sure was nice to do a "complex" note grouping without the manual on my lap.  It was very intuitive - nice.

 Adrienne Sherwood  Loooooong time Copyist/Quickscore User


This is the most useful of my MIDI software programs.

Steve Mills.


I'm still a new comer, but I just bought QuickScore Elite today - and am very excited about this tool......wish I'd known about you before I spent a fortune on Finale!!!

Fred Lucies


Thanks for creating some super software at a reasonable price.

Richard Hagenston


I have been using Quickscore Elite for a couple years now, and it's really great! I can't wait for the new version to arrive!

 I have put Jan Petersen Sweelinck's Chromatic Fantasy in D minor into it; it truly amazes me how much expressive control I can get with this program.  I ran off a cassette and gave it to a friend for Christmas; he listened to it on the way home, and felt as if he had a church in his car! :)

 I "drew" it in using the score editor, then tailored it using the other tools.

 With great appreciation:

 Chuck Bermingham


Having used Quickscore Elite and The Copyist for several years now I am pleased with the results I have gotten and have encouraged several of my friends to purchase these programs.  My satisfaction is complete!  Thanks for such good stuff!!!

William Wilson


I freakin' love Copyist 6.0! Wouldn't it be great if all the software out there did what it's supposed to do as well as this program. It's amazing how little time I had to spend looking up any functions or features. They all pretty much started falling into place while I was starting my scoring project. Not bad. You should see the 3 leadsheets I was able to submit for the project. They look great. Not at all like the hand-scrawled stuff I used to offer that I was always afraid would be handed back to me all wadded up and covered with brown streaks.

And I wasn't in the market for a sequencer app, but for the heck of it, I downloaded the demo of QuickScore Elite and was instantly impressed by what a smart piece of work it is. I've tried dozens of notation/scoring/sequencing type programs, but you nailed it. Your products actually help me write my music, not force-feed it into some kind of soft meat-grinder and hope something comes out the other end similar to what I'd intended. Anyway, I'm rattling on, so I'll just say thanks, extend my compliments and get ready to send you another check.

John Shannon

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