QuickScore Elite Level II features not in QuickScore Elite


  • 48 staves (vs 24 staves for QuickScore Elite)
  • Open several files at once
  • Instrument range checking
  • Control of SMPTE format display
  • Options for allowing windows to display asynchronously


  • Print condensed scores
  • Choose engraver spacing tables
  • Customize drum notation
  • Customize guitar tablature notation
  • Control the display of tied notes

Entering and Editing

  • Select the entire score for editing
  • Automatic generation of accompaniments
  • Automatic generation of chords and guitar grids
  • Adjust the height of stems and beams
  • Adjust the position of accidentals
  • Instantly enter arpeggios, slurs and tuplet brackets
  • Separate voices automatically
  • Stretch or contract the time and duration of your music
  • Create harmony from notes, chord names or guitar chords
  • Explode music from one staff onto several
  • Implode music from several staves onto one
  • Adjust tempo to fit time
  • Set rhythm patterns
  • Create your own rhythm patterns
  • Selectable note heads
  • Arrange shaped note choral music with a complete set of shaped note notehead symbols
  • Convert dynamics marks to volume changes and hear them play 
  • Convert tempo marks to tempo changes and hear them play
  • Set a note's written duration independently of its played duration
  • Extract the rhythm from any passage and apply it to another section of music


  • Create custom symbols
  • Create custom noteheads

File Support

  • Import NIFF
  • Import and Export Guido
  • Export TIFF


  • Record while slaved to MIDI Clock or MIDI Time Code


  • Synchronize with video clips for film scoring
  • Send MIDI Clock

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