Polyphonic pitch detection with QuickScore Elite

You can transcribe notes and chords polyphonically as you record them, or you can extract them from polyphonic recordings saved as .WAV files.

Polyphonic pitch detection from the audio stream

To transcribe polyphonically as you record, go to the Options menu and open the Audio Record Options dialog.

Check Convert To Notes to automatically convert the recorded audio to notes.Choose Polyphonic to detect notes polyphonically.

Make sure a driver for the audio hardware is selected in the Audio Setup dialog under the Options menu and that your equipment is ready to go.

Now go to the Audio Editor to enable you track for recording by clicking the button below the name and number so that it turns red (red is enabled, gray is disabled).

Press the Record Audio button at the far right in the main control area, and the tracks enabled for recording will start recording. When you are finished recording, press the Stop button in the Tape Transport to stop recording.

Polyphonic pitch detection from audio files

Load a .WAV file into the Audio Editor using the pencil tool. Now switch to the arrow tool and double click on the beginning of your .WAV file. From the Edit menu that appears, choose Import Notes, then Polyphonic.