Making music with Copyist

How to use the pasteboard

The pasteboard is used to hold temporarily any element or group of elements of a score you are working on. You can copy from any page in your score to the pasteboard, edit in the pasteboard and then copy from the pasteboard and paste back to any page in your score.

Enter the pasteboard by selecting Pasteboard from the Copyist menu. Exit the pasteboard by selecting Exit Pasteboard.

How To

Enter Symbols

Enter a staff
Enter a bar line
Enter a clef
Enter a time signature
Enter a key signature
Enter a note head
Beam a group of notes
Beam a single note
Enter a crescendo
Enter a slur
Enter a guitar grid symbol
Enter a chord symbol
Create a user symbol
Enter a user symbol
Enter text
Enter lyrics

Edit Symbols

Edit text
Edit lyrics
Move a single symbol
Move a group of symbols
Adjust beams
Adjust notes within a beamed group
Adjust an adjustable symbol
Delete a symbol
Use the pasteboard

Manipulate Pages

Go to a new page
Create a new page
Insert a page
Erase a page