Making music with Copyist

How to enter a key signature

Double click on the Symbol button in the object type palette in the Copyist Tools window to open the symbol palettes. Click on the Notes palette. The Notes symbols palette will open, showing you all of Copyist’s accidentals.

If your key signature consists of flats, select the flat by clicking on it. If your key signature consists of sharps, click on the sharp. The symbol you choose appears on the Symbol button.

Choose the pencil tool from the toolbar. Now enter each of the accidentals in the key signature on your page. Do this by clicking and holding down the left mouse button. The accidental will appear at the mouse cursor. As you continue to hold down the left mouse button, you can move the mouse and the accidental will follow, until you have positioned it where you want it on the page. When the accidental is positioned where you want it, lift the left mouse button and the accidental will be placed onto the page.

Continue entering accidentals in this way until you have completed your key signature.

You can also enter accidentals at the cursor position using keyboard commands. For example, a sharp is entered by pressing s, and a flat is entered by pressing f.

You can move or edit the key signature after you have entered it, either by double clicking on each accidental in the key signature and selecting one of the edit operations from the edit menu that appears, or by dragging the left mouse over the complete key signature, drawing a box around it, lifting up the left mouse button and then selecting one of the edit operations from the edit menu that appears.

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