Making music with Copyist

How to create a user symbol

In this example we'll create User Symbol number 6.

First select the symbol editor by selecting User Symbols from the Character menu.

Click on number 6 in the grid of numbers at the bottom left of the symbol editor. The number 6 is highlighted. We'll create a symbol consisting of a simple rectangular box.

In the symbol editor, screen or printer symbols are created by dragging the mouse within the smaller box (for what you see on the screen) or larger box (for what will print on the printer). If you start on a white pixel, the next pixels will be black as long as the mouse is down, and vice versa.

Create a rectangular box in the screen box by dragging the mouse around the edge of the box until a black border has been created. Now we'll transfer the symbol to the printer box by clicking on the right arrow button.

Save the work you've done by selecting Save from the File menu. Quit the symbol editor by selecting Quit from the File menu.

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